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Need some help to Be Seen?
Attract clients?
Be ready for business?

Clarity, Guidance, Creating with you and for you. Doing the right things at the right time...NOT wasting time and money on the stuff that's not needed...and getting the pieces that you DO need created, up and running.
Would that feel great?


I'm Sheryl, Creative Muse & Coach's Coach

Question for you:

Do you want more people to know about you? Want to have more clients, but not sure how?
Unclear about what to do? When to do it?

I bet you feel that marketing is 'not what you do'. And you'd rather not even have to 'market'.
That's not what you got into your coaching business to do....I know.

You are in the right place if:

Youre a coach, entrepreneur or author, with a spiritual and creative touch (you believe in a power greater than yourself) and you love what you do, or what you want to do, but you're not sure how to get all the pieces together.
And you want to be

You can be ready. Really.

Do you feel in the dark in getting your business going?
Not sure what to to do it? Lead magnets, emails, videos, attracting clients, how to find the time and the know-how to get it all handled? Writing, speaking, appearing....aaak!

Does it seem like everyone else is making videos, being seen, on interviews, summits, podcasts...offering their freebies and next steps.... and you feel lost and left behind?  

Too Much to Figure Out?

Do you think about doing videos, interviews, creating a freebie, a you can attract & connect with your clients, share your message and do the work you're here to do?

But is there too much you just don't know how to do? And maybe stepping up, showing up, being on camera & claiming your spot, feels too far out of your comfort zone?
I understand. It is a vulnerable feeling floating in space.

But, I've got you.

Gotten lost in the crowd?

Or maybe you've gone thru a large group program or a big mastermind..(for lots of $$$) and you learned what to do, but not how. Or if you did get those either went too fast, or you longed for personal guidance to get your specific questions answered.... and you got behind. And ultimately... you just stopped.

Would you love step-by-step guidance...kind, patient, and in your pace hand-holding, so you can get it all done and get up and running?

You can have that.

Step by Step How-To

You'd love to be able to connect with potential clients, the people you would LOVE to work with, right? With Marketing that feels good to you...fits your style, your spirit.  

But you're not sure where to start, what to say, how to set up ..where to even begin?

Get Your Idea Created..or use mine!

OR maybe you know what you want to have a video series you want to create, a webinar you want to make happen, a program to put on a platform...but you're not getting it going on your own. Or aren't quite sure what to do.

A Sure Path

Would you love some clarity about what can be done...and what to do next? What to forget about, what to focus on?  

What if you could be certain of what to do next, how to do it,
had hand holding HELP to do it, and you loved your results?

You need a guide and creative help to get it done. Know How, Experience and Doing It.

I'm The Creative Muse and I want to tell you ~ you can have all those things that you would love for you and your business. Marketing and attraction pieces in place, running smoothly, so you can concentrate on what you're here to do: To coach, teach, uplift, inspire, heal, lead, speak, transform... to help in the way you do. What you were created to do. I can help you.

Imagine having your Client Attraction System in place. A system that was easy for your ideal clients to access...and easy for you to create. The thinking up, the creation, the tech and the video.

Imagine feeling confident on camera. Knowing what to say, and being able to say it without stumblling or becoming frozen. And knowing that you were speaking right to the heart of your ideal client. 

And having a few 'studio ready' spots in your home that were chosen and set up so you knew exactly what looked good in your videos. 

So you could video your facebook lives, videos for emails and landing pages...even your own course material. 

Simply, easily, confidently.

And imagine having your perfect freebie done...with the opt in page, connected to an email sequence....everything you need for your smooth running, automated client attraction system. 

And imagine having your program or coaching package figured you knew exactly what you were offering and felt confident about the package and the pricing. .....something you love and feet great about. Wouldn't that be terrific?

Now imagine all of it getting done simply and in the right order. With someone to guide and create with you you every step of the hold your hand so you never felt lost, behind, stuck or alone. 

I'll create a plan for you and with get these marketing pieces done. It can be all the pieces or just a few. Coaching plans that fit what you need. From 1 Simple Set-Up Session to a Total Presence Package ~ all your On-Line Visibility taken care of.  

Begin with a free, no pressure Virtual Coffee & Consultation, to meet and talk about your Marketing & Visibility Breakthrough. It's complimentary. We meet on zoom or phone.

Let's talk About Your Business 

Here's a movie I shot and edited all on my phone. Yes, completely on my phone! You can too. I can show you how.

Here are a few things for you to check out ~

workshops, private coaching mentorship and a free gift! 

Private Mentorship My Best Personal Coaching Package

Would you love Personal Mentorship? Just for You.
Personal coaching with step-by-step guidance to get you visible and known....on camera, online, and on target for your goals. Create the pieces that create your business. I call it Creative Magic.

Find out more
about Private Mentorship for you, here.

Get Set Up, fast! Get your online setup done! E-mail sequences, opt-in pages, freebies, schedulers, connections. This is for you if you want to get up and running fast.

When you want to get your email system, opt-in pages, and all the online connections set up, and talking to each other, fast.

It's a Get it Done Jam session split into time hunks that you like. More time needed? Or less? I'll create a package perfect for you...depending on what you need. Time and pricing that fits you.

See This Package Here

Interested in everything? Getting things done fast, PLUS longer-term mentorship? Great move.
I will create a special 'everything' package for you. Let's talk first, to see what you need, and what you don't.

Let's Talk.

Here's my Free Guide ~ A Gift for You
"10 Things to Know Before You Video"!
Dos & Don'ts to Save You Time, He
lp You Shine,
and Look Like a Pro!" pdf and videos to walk you thru!

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Shine On LIne/ Speaking Confidence.
1:1 Video Coaching

Get your talk together so you Shine On Line!! Live Coaching just for you. We'll work on your talk, who you're speaking to, and why you're confident and ready to be a speaker...on all platforms. Podcasts, interviews, groups, summits. Focus your message and story ~ to attract your clients. 8 Week Coaching Plan ~ clear & confident on camera.

Find out more and sign up for
Shine on Line Coaching for you here.

Ready to Shine/The Inner Game ~ 4 Week Personal Workshop. We'll clear what may be holding you back from doing video & being seen. If you're stuck & resistant about doing video, this is often the best 1st step, especially if being on camera makes you squirmish. It's a Workshop...but it's just for you.

Find out more about and sign up for the
4 Week "Inner You" Just for You Workshop Here

Connections Online happens on various days......
It's my complimentary coaching & training for you.
A great way for us to meet each other...and for you to get actionable training to move you forward.
Training on Visibility, Video, Biz Building, Mindset...and Q&A.
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Creative Muse . Visibility Director . Mindset Coach Visionary Strategist  

Visionary: thinking about or planning the future with imagination or wisdom. Strategist: involves setting goals, determining actions to achieve the goals.  

Hello Creative, Wellness and Spiritual Entrepreneur! Do you love what you do, but feel lost when it comes to the marketing of you and your work?  

Unsure what to do, how to do it? The message, the tech, what's important, what's not?  

Have you purchased a bunch of programs and trainings that tell you what to do, but not how to do them? Lead magnets. opts ins. videos. e mail lists. landing pages...... Feeling lost in the 'how to?' Not sure how to create them, or what you really do need? Here's your solution! I will help you get your marketing pieces done. In the shortest amount of time, with the least pain, and the most fun.  

Clear Messaging. Confident MindSet. Law of Attraction Infused. Your Marketing ~ Made to Order. A Holistic Approach. Want to talk about what you need? Schedule a Virtual Coffee & Consultation. 

Talk to Sheryl

Here are a few ways we can work together.

Get Hooked Up, fast

When you want to get your email system, opt in pages, and all the online connections set up, and talking to each other, and get it set up fast.

More here

Private Mentorship

Private Coaching to help you get clear on your message and create what you need: videos, programs, freebies, masterclasses, webinars. Guidance, ideas, tech help, creating with you and for you.
Personal 1:1.

More here

The Inner Game

4 Week Private Workshop, just for you, to clear the blocks that have you stopped and stumped about doing video, getting out there. The first step in my 5 Magical Steps to Visibility.

More here

Shine Visibility Group

Get your freebie, email & Online system together. 8 weeks Live to create and hone your 'stuff', crystalize your message to attract your clients. Clear, confident, ready for your next level.

More here

Interested in everything? Getting things done fast, plus longer-term mentorship? Great move.
I will create a special 'everything' package for you. Let's talk first, to see what you need, and what you don't.

Let's Talk.

Cllick the button to see some

Muse Programs For You

Here are things I can help you with:
Get help with video, creating a freebie, landing & opt-in pages, tech tutoring, email systems, accountability, creating a course plan, creating a course, pricing, and anything that has you worried in your business ~ whether it's how to answer someone, or how to set up online connections for your business.

 I work with my clients 1 to 1, just you 'n me. 

Here are a few ways we can work together.

a. I can create 'with you', and show you how to run the systems as we go, so you can learn how to create your own pages, and emails and videos in the future.
b. Or I can create for you, if you just want it done.  

What are the prices? There are programs above that you can purchase.
Prices vary, depending on what you need, what I do, what YOU handle, and how much time we work together. That's why it may be best to talk first. That way I can let you know what I think you need, and what you DON'T need.

OR, I can create your coaching package for you, based on what you need. And what fits your life. We can do one session...or many. Prices start at under $200 for a single session, depending on the length of the session, and go up to "The Complete Works." 

I can tailor a package created just for you.  Life is busy. I make this work for you.

Your coaching is custom-created for you and what your business needs. To fit your schedule, your budget, and your life.

No pressure, no obligation if you'd like to have a conversation and see what's possible. I'll look at where you are, what you have, what you may need...and if working with me is something you want to do...that is totally up to you. I do not like pressure selling, or pushing, or any of that. I will show you what you CAN do...and you will know, instinctively, if that is what's best for you and your growth and business.  

The first step is to have a Virtual Chat to see where you are, what you need, and if we're a good fit.

Just having the call will bring you great clarity,
And then you can decide how you'd like to move forward.  

The consultation call is completely free. (a $297 value)  

You can schedule your Virtual Coffee Consultation Call here.
or click on the polka dot coffee cup!  

About Sheryl Director/Coach/Muse/Vision Maker 

Sheryl's background: Actress, Director, VoiceOver Actress, Writer, and Coach. Over 4 decades of show biz, in Hollywood. Certified Coach in the Law of Attraction. Bachelor of Science in Art Ed. Perfomer & Director. Technical know how, coaching skills, artsy eye, implementation savvy, and sparkly magic... to help you Create Your Business. And cut down on your busy-ness.. On Video, In Person, On stage. In Life.  

Get clear on your steps and get the support you need to really take them. And have fun during the process.  

Personal Support. Creative Clarity. Encouraging Accountability.  

Begin here.  

Here's part of my Creative Muse Menu.... just some of the things we can do for your marketing, your visibility, your clarity, and your belief in yourself.  

  • Get clarity on what's going on for you in your biz....where you'd like to be heading to, and how to get there.
  • Create your customized plan of action steps. And take them.  
  • Create your freebie, with landing page, opt-in, connection to an email sequence.
  • Create videos with concept, writing and direction help.
  • Plan out e mail content & automate it. I'll help you with writing content & the techie part.  
  • Create opt-in pages, landing pages, payment pages.
  • Get unstuck!  
  • Learn how to do facebook live
  • Guidance, support & accountability to create your marketing pieces...pieces that feel like you, and reflect what you and your work is about.....not someone else.  
  • Be seen in Your Best Light

To discuss what's right for you, set up a time here.
Click on the Little Coffee Cup:

"When you shine your light, you give others permission to shine theirs."  

Marianne Williamson

Happy Clients: 

“Sheryl, you saw me and my gifts and gave me permission to not be afraid to do what my soul came to do. I am sincerely grateful!" Cindy Kerr. RN The Health Diviner

"Sheryl truly listens and guides. She hears where I want to go, asks all the right questions, and allows me to find my way to a better feeling place." Karen Kasaba. Writer, Writing Coach & Workshop Leader

'My greatest takeaway was profound clarity after working with you. Your prompting brought me to the "real deal" which I've thought about but never brought into focus." Abbe Andersen Starr, Astrology Coach & Guide.

"Looking for clarity to move forward? I recommend you work with Sheryl. Sheryl has this gift of helping you see what's possible in you and for you, when you can't. Incredibly patient and graceful, she has a way of pulling you forward where you need to go. Sheryl has a masterful way of guiding you to your own shifts...and gifts" Maria Johnson., Speaker & Speaking Coach

"Sheryl is a Creative Diva...a gold mine." Marcia Dolgin, Master Photographer Coach & Teacher 

Questions? Send an e.

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