Does this make you queasy? "Just jump on facebook live! Do a quick video!  Come speak to our  group! I'd like you to be on an interview." Does that throw fear into your heart? Know you should be out there more...seen more...doing videos about your work, speaking to groups, getting on stages, but feel like you're "not ready"? Are you saying no to appearances, interviews, summits, fb lives because you're scared, unpolished, worried that you'll screw up, be nervous, and not look like the smart, knowledgeable expert you know you are? Missing out on stuff, being passed by because it's too uncomfortable,and don't know how to a start? 
...and you just keep
putting it off? 
 I want you to know you can change that, in a comfortable, safe, easy way. 
HiI'm Sheryl  
Clear & Confident Performance 

Let me help you   absolutely master presenting your message and yourself, and
allow your gifts to shine ...everywhere.
get out there.
All you need to do is Start Here. 

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