The Simple Path Mentor

Sheryl Bernstein. Your Personal Creative Director.

Ready to Cross a New Threshold? You can do This. Believe It. Cuz You Can.

Welcome! Hello my Friend. Are You Ready to not just 'make a living'... but rather Create Your Living? Your Way. I'm so glad you're here. You're a woman over 45, heart centered, spirit guided, nature loving goddess, with a life of experience behind you and the possibility of a new path ahead of you....


You'd love to create anew, something that you love, something that shares your gifts, and you'd like to be able to make money at it. Something that makes your heart sing. and you feel good about what you're doing and the way you're doing it........ You're in the Right Place.

I would be honored to guide you.

It can be simple. It can fit you. 

I work with Heart Centered Women... Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Trainers, Teachers, Healers, Essence Workers, Artists, Writers, Creators. Women who guide, heal, teach, improve, uplift, create, enlighten, and help people... Who'd like to create a work and life to share your gifts, rise to your potential, and do what you do, while owning your value.... but don't know the best next steps. Women who are Aligned with Spirit, Love Nature, enjoy an Angel Card, and who long to get their work out, first time or in a bigger way.... but don't know the next steps for them.... Women who don't want to just 'make a living' but rather 'CREATE YOUR LIVING'. but not sure how to proceed...

If you'd like to get crystal clear on YOU now, if you'd like to have guidance on how to move forward....what to create, how to put together a program, how to price it, how to make to work through the sometimes hard parts of growing into your full potential...


If you'd love to be able to create your work, fashion your style of delivery, & market yourself in a way that feels right, simple and very doable....  

With guidance, input, ideas and know how; If you're longing for someone to take you by the hand (not a do-it-yourself program that leaves you more confused than before) have Your Personal Guide, your own Creative Director to help you get clarity on who you are who you serve, and what to do to let them know about it....

all done at a pace and in a way that fits you and YOUR life in a beautiful way you've found your mentor.

 I know a thing or two.... about aging, creating anew, celebrating the 'now' you.... and how it all goes together. I get it. And I love it.

Keep Going 

As we continue down our path, here's what I think is important to help you to begin, to continue, or to redesign Your Way Forward:  

Clarity. Courage. Confidence. And a fun journey.

It's my desire to uplift, inspire, motivate, and help you truly enjoy the path you're on... in your work and in your life. To help you find clarity when you're feeling stuck, courage when you're afraid, and confidence to fully be you. To help you move forward to identify &reach your goals, with the right tools, and on the right trail ...the most perfect fit for you.  

Clarity to Confidence

Want to Explore Your Possibilities? To Grow. To Shift. To Create.

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It's an hour about you, to shake out what you're thinking, and explore what you'd like to do...what you could maybe do.... to get clear on the what and the how, and see what coaching with me looks and feels like.

As we take bigger leaps, go further down our path, sometimes our 'mind wars' can really do a number.... stopping us in our tracks. And sometimes that means blessing and releasing who we were, so we can fully be who we ARE. to exploring and create our new goals. And the new ways to get there, that fit your style, and your life. 

To manifest something that was not there before.  

  The kinds of things I've helped my clients with is varied ...but they all have one thing in common.... they could not see beyond where they were, to the amazing possibilities that were there for them. Being able to talk it out, have kind and thoughtful guidance through powerful right questions, helped them each find their way out of the mind tangle, that doubt, the not knowing how to proceed..... back onto their beauitful path moving forward. With Doable Steps to get to their desired results. And Accountability to keep them going. 

Recalibrate, or step on the gas. Empowered, Lightened, and Aligned. With purpose and with joy.

Be the leading lady in your life.

Be The Light.  

Part Fairy Godmother, Part Intuitive Success Guide.... 

Sheryl Bernstein is a Visionary Strategist & Creative Clarity Coach, helping you reach new stars ...and become one. Creator of The Think Up/Light Up Method, her L.I.G.H.T. system will help you reach what you want to achieve, and create your success.  

Specializing in your True Authentic You everywhere you show up, with over three decades in Show Biz, (performing, producing, directing), vast Marketing experience, and her Law of Attraction Certification, Sheryl knows the creative process and what it takes to say YES to you. The MindSet and the Mechanics to bring your ideas to life. And put life in your ideas. She knows how to make things happen, simple and in flow. And she helps others harness their power and leapfrog in their business.  

Clear Thought + Inspired Action + High Vibe = Results  

Sheryl believes your journey can be a joy, and her light but powerful approach to work & life makes it so.  

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I love the Law of Attraction. But I call it the Law of AttractACTION. Because, it's the action you take that makes things happen. And ACTION doesn't mean it has to be hard. But when we don't take action, what is going on? Why? Usually it's either 1.) we don't know what to do. 2.) We don't know how to do it or 3.) we know 1 &2 ,but we have something holding us back. Here's a video I made in the desert of Phoenix, Arizona, about the Power of the Path, and how if you just begin..... the rest will unfold. 

About Sheryl

Nurturing. A light. Holding the space for your brilliance. That's how she's been described. Sheryl's background includes Actress, Director, Writer, and Coach. Over 4 decades of show biz, in Hollywood. And a Certified Coach in the law of Attraction. She has the perfect combo of perfoming & directing experience, technical know how, coaching skills, and kindness...and just enough sparkly magic... to help you Create Your Success......Your Path help you plan, create, and implement in a way that you love. Your Best Next Moves and How to Flow through them. Sheryl can help you get clear on your steps and help you take them. And have fun during the process. So your work flows and you shine. Being you, brilliantly.

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What Sheryl's clients are saying: 

“Sheryl, you saw me and my gifts and gave me permission to not be afraid to do what my soul came to do. I am sincerely grateful!" Cindy Kerr. RN The Health Diviner  

"Sheryl truly listens and guides. She hears where I want to go, asks all the right questions, and allows me to find my way to a better feeling place." – Karen Kasaba. Writer, Writing Coach & Workshop Leader

"My greatest takeaway yesterday was profound clarity after working with you. Your prompting brought me to the "real deal" which I've thought about but never brought into focus." Abbe Andersen Starr, Astrology Coach & Guide.


"Looking for clarity to move forward? I recommend you work with Sheryl. Sheryl has this gift of helping you see what's possible in you and for you, when you can't. Incredibly patient and graceful, she has a way of pulling you forward where you need to go. Sheryl has a masterful way of guiding you to your own shifts...and gifts" Maria Johnson., Speaker & Speaking Coach

"Sheryl is a Creative Diva...a gold mine." - Marcia Dolgin, Master Photographer, Coach & Teacher