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Clarity & Flow
ALLOW your gifts to shine.
isn't it time?

What's that special tap you're hearing?
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 I'm Sheryl,  your Creative Clarity & Flow Coach.
Do You Have a glimmer inside of you?  Something you'd like to do?  Been wanting to do?
A gift you know is yours? 
A program you've been thinking of begin.  
 take further.   
Don't know where or
how to start
or even how to think of it?  
too many choices?  
big swirl in your head,  
Wish you had some clarity on this and a way to begin?
have a light conversation to
    see what could be  

You'll Get clarity on exactly what you may or may not want to do.  
ANd How to do it. 

clarity is power

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Discovery session.
Give this to yourself.
A way for you to
see what could be
what you can be 

LIke a lovely chat in the garden 

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Sheryl bernstein coaching
     Allow your gifts to shine.  

                              it's time.